cullen miller: sound + light + bits
Interactive Audio with Pure Data
Live with Kangding Ray, Desaxismundi
Live w/ Atom™
Projection Mapping - Berkeley Art Museum / Pacific Film Archive Gala
Rites - San Francisco, CA
Rites - Brooklyn, NY
#postliterate [2012]
Live - Disquiet Junto
Max for Live Hack with Christopher Willits / Overlap
Live with Peter van Hoesen, Derek Plaslaiko
Live A/V at Codame Festival
Live at the Bunker - Voices from the Lake, Leisure Muffin, Bryan Kasenic
Live with Atom TM, Safety Scissors, Christina Chatfield
Art Hack Day at 319 Scholes
Live with Shigeto, Sepalcure, Simple
Vulpes Vulpes [2011]
Cullen Miller & Matte - Sleep [2011]
Live - Motion Graphics Festival
Live - Milieu Sonores Exhibit